Business Networking in Houston - Telling Your Story

What’s Your Story? Professional Business Networking Tip

As business owners and business professionals, we have a unique “story” about how we started our business and/or how we wound up in a particular industry.  Professional Business Networking is a great place to share your story.  What is your story?  Think about it.  People are intrigued by good stories so this is a great talking point to have and apply in your networking opportunities.

Your story is what sets you apart from others.  When others identify with your story, you can develop a strong relationship or following.  The life experiences that have led to where you currently are can have a profound effect on others such as your customers, vendors or even your competitors. Your story can lead those impacted to respect you more, give you referrals and provide positive word of mouth.  In other words, they can be ambassadors for you…all because they identified with your story.

Did you grow up in Houston, Texas or someplace else?  What was your first job?  Did you always want to do what you do now? There are so many elements that make your story one of a kind. Broadcast it.  Share it.  Be proud of it and tell it often.

If you are not exactly sure what your story is (in detail with specific examples), then write it down and document your story. You are the author and your story is your life.  Your book is a gift to others and a tool to use in your professional business networking.  Remember that your story attracts others and attracting others is good for business!