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Business Cards and Networking in Houston

Rule #1 of Networking: Be Prepared…Always

Each day we go to work, out to lunch, run errands or a number of other activities that make up your daily agenda. As part of your daily regiment, do you ever leave the house without your shoes on? Of course not. There are times that you forget to grab something you needed from time to time but there are some things you just don’t forget…like your shoes or a shirt.

It is safe to say that getting dressed is definitely part of your regular and daily routine. It should be. Your wallet is another thing you always have with you. However, as a business owner or sales professional there is something else that should always be with you when you leave the house. You could even say it should be part of your wardrobe…your business cards.

A networking opportunity can present itself at any time. Houston is filled with people and places that can benefit from your products or services. That being the case, you need to always be prepared. If a conversation strikes up and they ask you for your card you don’t want to say “I don’t have a card with me”. You definitely don’t want that to be associated with your first impression.

Here are a few suggestions to help you be better prepared for the spontaneous networking opportunity. Always have four or five business cards in your wallet. Have a stack in your car. Have a stack in your spouses car too. If you have a gym bag or brief case, make sure you have business cards in there as well. Routinely check each of these strategic locations to be sure you replenish them when needed. You want to always have a business card at your disposal so if you need one to give to someone, you’ll be prepared.