About Texas Community Referral Network

Houston Business Networking & Business Marketing OpportunitiesTexas Community Referral Network provides a unique business marketing strategy for local businesses in geographically specific communities. TCRN’s goal is to build awareness for local businesses, and serve as a solution to their marketing efforts. TCRN’s business model consists of four core components:

  1. Local business networks that are a support system consisting of local pre-screened high caliber businesses in local communities
  2. Local new homeowners targeted as prospective customers
  3. An exclusive website serving as a local community resource for each market
  4. A Preferred Customer Offer for local communities providing value to local residents while serving as a customer retention tool for TCRN business members. Blending these four components allows for each local TCRN division to achieve unlimited success!


TCRN recognizes the challenges local businesses experience when trying to gain exposure necessary to grow their company. There are numerous methods and arenas for spending marketing and advertising dollars. Unfortunately, few of them allow local businesses to effectively target an audience with a high propensity for needing or wanting their products or services. TCRN provides a cost effective solution that enhances the marketing of local businesses by targeting audiences of prospective customers, having the highest likelihood of needing their products or services.

All four facets of TCRN’s business model work in concert with each other to create synergy that fuels business growth. The end result…TCRN delivers an ROI (Return on Investment) surpassing all of the other marketing and advertising efforts of a local business.

How To Become A TCRN Member

TCRN values the quality of businesses that make up each of its divisions. To become a TCRN member, if the category slot is open for that division a prospective business must meet with a TCRN representative so we can learn more about their business and cover our leveraged business model in detail. If there is a “fit” then an invitation will be extended. As a member, they will then have Exclusivity for their industry segment in the respective TCRN division and receive all member benefits. Contact us today for more information about how to become a TCRN member!